Welcome to Lecee Monet Today

Hey I’m Lecee! I’m a mother, a free spirit, a flight attendant, an imperfect Christian and so much more. I’m passionate about my SON (he’s a preemie miracle), writing, children, intentional living, animals, God, self value and all things self care. I enjoy having a place to share my thoughts and be able to look back on them. I have graduated from pen, paper and Facebook post, to finally creating a blog. Welcome!


More About Me

I feel my life has been very dynamic and full these 28 years. I was born and raised in VA, the youngest child to all older brothers. My mother (A great woman that lives for God) raised us and my father was in and out of the picture in my childhood until he stopped coming around completely. As unideal as that may sound, I grew up in a very loving, close and connected family. My mother raised me very transparently with tons of substance. Very young I had an old soul, determination and strong resilience. Strait into adulthood the flight attendant career (that I LOVE) allowed me to move around on my own as I had always hoped to do. Nevada, Minnesota & Miami are a few places I lived and thrived. I later returned to Minnesota, where my son was born. I’m a preemie mom of a precious two year old boy who is my world and I’ve recently separated from his father after 3 long years married. I am happy, optimistic and excited for the future and looking forward to everything that’s for me. There is so much beauty in life, in the simple things, the good times and even the hard times. I’ve seen it, lived it and I have always believed it. I’m not a perfect person by any means, perfection has never been my goal. I aim only to live a life I can be content with. This blog is a place for things I write, like and want to express. I give all thanks to Christ who died for my sins!

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